Information you need on your website


1..2..3..Click. That’s how many seconds on average you have to engage a visitor on your webpage before they click off onto the next website, probably your competitors…


What specific information do you need to put on your website to engage your visitors and stop losing them to your competitors?


If you have invested time or money into a website for your business, you will want to read this guide. Your website should be a useful sales tool that generates you more customers. It is not a brochure about your business.


At Market Harness, we start with the question of what is going to bring your business more or better results? Your website should craft a story about you and your business that makes visitors want to take action and buy your product or service.


Here are some of the things to consider when structuring your website content. Compare this to your current site and make any changes you need:


A Clear Call To Action (CTA)

In the web design world, we refer to the first element your visitor encounters on your site as the Hero section. This is the prominent image or text above the fold on your homepage. Many websites have nothing more than a pretty picture or blob of text without any clear context of what the business does. The goal of this section is to define exactly what it is you do for your visitors. Hand in hand with this will be your call to action which should be tailored to your business. If you’re running an e-commerce business, you’d likely want to take your visitor directly to your products. If you’re a business that is selling a service, your CTA should outline what makes you better than your competitors and link with a contact button.


Why Choose You

We live in a world of consumer choice, and if your offer isn’t strong enough then your visitors won’t convert to customers. A copy-paste description of your business won’t be enough to engage your visitors that don’t trust you yet. With only those few seconds of attention, you need to grab their attention and show why you’re superior to your competition. Some of the things that we have noticed work well are number based – how many happy clients do you have, how many years of experience etc.


How your business can help

You need to think of your visitor as someone standing in front of you looking for help. Picture them holding their credit card up, looking for help to solve their problem. They are ready to make a buying decision. You need to focus on educating interested prospects and answering their subconscious questions. What are the benefits of your product/service? How will it solve a specific problem? How will it make the consumer’s life easier, free up time etc.?


Make it easy for visitors

You need to remove the resistance to turn your website into a sales system that brings you leads. We’ve already discussed having a clear Call-To-Action in your opening section. Placing these throughout each of your pages to allow your visitors to easily get in touch is crucial. Lead your visitors to a contact form, phone number or messaging system.


Structure the content of your site with the help of this guide to boost your conversions. With this in mind, you will understand what subconscious questions your visitors have. You know what you need to do to build trust and turn your website into a sales funnel that works for you.


If you have any questions about this guide or your current website contact us. We also offer free website audits to help you understand where you can make improvements on your site.


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